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2020欧洲杯官方网址effective data management solutions are key to successful process management.  claros data management solutions allow you to consolidate data and view it at any time on any device, thus increasing collaboration across your organization. visualize your data with charts and statistical tools to identify trends. reporting and decision-making from your data has never been easier.

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Which Data Management Solutions are right for you?

Is the data you need scattered in a variety of Excel sheets, SCADA Historians, and lab databases?

aggregate key data from a wide variety of lab, process and field data sources, including scada/historian systems. collect field data on any device and from anywhere. pull data from lims and import data from commercial labs, as well as enter data from custom forms. perform industry-specific calculations using combined data sets.

Relevant Solutions:

WIMS – Water Information Management Solution

wims software brings data from across your water/wastewater systems to a central, secure location for a complete picture of your entire operation. it even interfaces automatically to summarize and compile data from scada/historians, lims, and commercial lab data files. plus, custom forms allow you to duplicate your paper forms electronically, making data entry a breeze. lastly, the industry-specific calculations engine allows provides calculations of regulatory compliance details such as weekly averages, ct ratios, and more, including the handling of data qualifiers.

WIMS + Claros Collect

claros collect allows you to use any web-enabled device to manually enter data. it validates your data at the source of collection by triggering alerts when values are outside an expected range. it also eliminates the need for manual paper forms. once data is entered, it is immediately available to everyone - reducing transcription errors and time spent waiting for data. this enables teams in the field and in the office to be aware of potential water quality changes immediately and make decisions faster with instant data availability.

2020欧洲杯官方网址 Can you easily visualize and compare large amounts of data to make decisions?

whether comparing lab, process and field measurements or trying to identify trends in your data, visualization and interpretation of your data has never been easier. both claros collect and wims allow you to view all of your data in a visually appealing way so you can make critical decisions quickly, based on real data.

Relevant Solutions:

WIMS – Water Information Management Solution

2020欧洲杯官方网址user-defined dashboards allows key performance indicators to be displayed in gauges and charts that provide status info at a glance. ad-hoc graphs allow users to quickly visualize any data points from any source for any date range. to see your lab vs. process parameters, simply select the points and pick the data range. then you can quickly add points or change the data range to visualize it differently. plus, user-defined reports are easy to generate using our wizards, templates, and examples. analysis tools include statistical correlations (single and multi-variable), probabilities, year-over-year, histograms, and statistical process control calculations. plus, the correlation finder analyzes your data and recommends parameters to compare.

WIMS + Claros Collect

view data in spreadsheets or simple graphs for visual representation of your complete process.

Can you easily compile regulatory reports that you feel confident submitting?

Can you produce the process/business reports you need to communicate to your stakeholders?

2020欧洲杯官方网址streamlined reporting, audit trails and numerous customized report templates ensure you have everything you need to properly submit your compliance reports. plus, with the ability to easily generate user-defined reports using our wizards, templates, and sample reports, any user can effectively communicate with stakeholders.

Relevant Solutions:

WIMS – Water Information Management Solution

2020欧洲杯官方网址generate ereports quickly and easily, including netdmr, ciwqs, cmpd, sdwis, e2 and more, with templates available for mors, dmrs, and other report types. with built-in support for the complex reporting requirements including handling of data qualifiers, weekly averages, geometric mean, and many more, reporting has never been easier. any user can create user-defined reports using our wizards, templates, and examples. plus, you can automatically generate reports on a schedule or trigger (condition) basis via email or printer.

WIMS + Claros Collect

2020欧洲杯官方网址user-defined spreadsheets allows users to pick any parameters, as well as easily scroll between months and drill down to see detail data. and exporting to excel is simple.

Are you confident the data being recorded is 100% correct?

claros wims and claros collect can help to eliminate errors at the source by validating entries against logical limits by parameter. compliance and verification engines in wims also ensure data accuracy.

Relevant Solutions:

WIMS – Water Information Management Solution

2020欧洲杯官方网址with wims, all data is validated as it is entered. if it is outside of expected ranges, it is immediately flagged. plus, all data actions (e.g. entry, edit, delete, approve) are written to the audit trail for complete traceability. the data approval process allows specific users to mark data as ready for reporting and locks the data from unintended changes, and user-defined security allows you to set which users can see, enter, edit, approve, or delete data.

WIMS + Claros Collect

with claros collect, all data is validated as it is entered. if it is outside of expected ranges, it is immediately flagged. plus, a complete audit trail is maintained including location, time, and person involved in data collection, and the system allows only authorized users to enter, edit, or analyze data.

“hach wims™ is central to everything that the lewwtp does. each system that the lewwtp has provides data into hach wims™. it is essential to our process decisions.”

-Brenna Durkin, Wastewater Treatment Plant DBA Specialist, Littleton/Englewood Colorado (USA)

2020欧洲杯官方网址“the biggest advantage in our implementation of hach wims™ is the automation of our reports. reports that typically would take weeks at a time to prepare, now only take us a matter of a few hours. additionally hach wims™ fills a much needed gap. our operations department now has access to data that allows them to make adjustments within their operational parameters in hours – instead of days.”

-Peter Chang, System Engineer III, King County, Washington (USA))

“hach wims™ has fostered analysis beyond regulatory data. information on pumping stations, energy usage, material usage, and cost analysis are just a few of the trends performed to enhance ‘optimization.’ the new question is not ‘can we analyze the data?’ but ‘which data do you want to analyze?”

-Gwinnett County, Georgia (USA)

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